wtorek, sierpnia 01, 2006

ok, this is cheap but...

ok, this is not my art haha, not even my photo, but in general gaudi rulez!!! we are in bcn and till now one of the most exciting things was seeing his sculptures and houses! awesome! apart from that there is a lot of cool street art here, and pictures of it i will for sure put to this blog as well... when i come back from my travel:)
anyway, we spend whole days walking around and getting excited from the arhitecture. we also swim a lot wherever we can and draw. well, i draw like crazy and gosia had to stop herself cause her finger hurts. my toe hurts too. i hit myself in park guell. shit, how it sounds, i went for an everyday walk in park guell and hurt my toe. hahaha!
and tomorrow more quiet beach and probably demudanza with miquel:) and drawing:)

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