czwartek, września 27, 2007

ryga znów

taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak, to rzeczywiście dzwonek, który na prawdę dzwoni co półtorej godziny na wydziale pedagogicznym w Rydze:)

środa, września 26, 2007

riga impressions# something...;)

first thing i did for someone for money wooow
and for a great djane PINKSHOT

...and thanx to earned money i could have bought myself an album to inspire myself more and to do more stuff-life is great, huh?:)

ok, lets face it-biking in riga is a real challenge, all this drivers with "i dont care, i dont see" attitude scare and piss me off every single day
hope "my first bike accident " wont happen here cause it would be the last ever for me...
today i even dreamt that i am biking through crowded dangerous streets....

old city somewhere there...

botanic garden... this building shocked me!!!

i love this artist, his/her(?) works are all over the city!

a bird from botanic garden
all the time he was walking around me:)

ok, guess where is it and what is it...:)
answer tomorrow:))))

niedziela, września 23, 2007

grzyby!!! senes!!!griby!!!mushrooms!!!setas!!!

after 2 hours driving in the forests we finally found the perfect forest;))) getting prepared...

monsieur fotoman;), znow o krok od smierci...

ok, basia was the mushrooms picking queen! and this is not the biggest she had!!!

ok, and i was the looser one-all of these turned out to be poisonous (except 3;)))- when the picture was taken i havent known it yet;)


marina got so much into pickng up mushrooms that even at the beach she couldnt stop herself...:)

only proove that also this time i was swimming in the sea-well, last day on summer it was...


not mushrooms yet....
was great fun and tomorrowi will show you a drawing that i made for dj'ane pinkshot:)

sobota, września 08, 2007

man patik jura!

no wreszcie!
morze: 12 stopni
powietrze: 17 stopni
ja:chyba 39 stopni goraczki hahaha
ale kapiel zaliczona:)
tylko najpierw niezle sie marznie idac z 50 metrow w wodzie po kolana
foto by janusz, niezly baywatchpatrol:)

sobota, września 01, 2007


i want to live in the elevator of the Reval hotel!!!:)
find a boy:)

yes, i can work in the kindergarden;)

we had some fun last night, and those are some leftovers:)

people throw away a lot of books here...
unfortunetlly-it rains everyday:(