czwartek, marca 27, 2008

środa, marca 26, 2008

happy birthday wolfi!

this was a fast action.
stas came back from warsaw and he told me about meeting with aga and that she had my prevoius feminist calendar, from march 07 till march 08. and that it's finishing now. and that it's time for the next one.
so i thought-why not?
especially as i was stuck at home by small lazyness and snow storms outside... so instead of hiding in blankets, i made the calendar!
say "thanx" to aga and enjoy the next year!

please print and have fun!
all pages have number in right down side
you only have to cut the long line in the middle
and-print both sides
it may be a bit difficult, but you manage
ofcourse print 4-1 with 1-4 and 2-3 with 3-2 :)
good luck!

pink winer

good trip

so that there's no doubt...vilnus...

bears weake up from winter sleeping
and find out they were kidnapped and
being kept as hostages...

the most amazing infoshop ever!!!

czwartek, marca 13, 2008

bardzo duzo zaległości:)

no więc po pierwsze moja mama ma dziś imieniny
więc wreszcie się dziecko zmobilizowało
i strzeliło karteczkę imieninową :)

sooooooooooooo, i had thos amazing trip at the beggining of march
i visited friends in groningen and amsterdam,
was also on zinefest in mulheim and ended up in berlin eating the best vegan pizza EVER!!!:)
kisses here to all nice people i met... i adore travels,
it's just like a kick of energy for next couple of weeks-and if it's good then even for months:)
anyway, i wrote diary all the time, so longer story will be in summer probably;)

aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, soundtrack!
-juno (ost)
-kimya dawson
-the moldy peaches
-paul baribeau
-sick fix
-the conversions
(play them allllllllll;))

a, and excuse me please the lack of sharpness...i know, i suck;)

people in bremen can't decide ;)

at the squat...

stencil at another squat...cute;)

squatting action in groningen-yeah, the squatted old library, in the middle of the day.
great idea for spending sunday afternoon:)

groningen student's kitchen

the most amazing library i have ever been to!
amsterdam, near the central station

muyyyyyyyyy modernooooooooooo ;)

music and movies

yes yes, underground bike parking... jealous again...

kids section


no i jeszcze widoczek z ostatniego piętra...
czy tez juz sie zakochali/łyscie?;)

cool squatter's "x-mas card" outside the squat in amsterdam

look look look the world is on fire! ;)

i love pictures of bookstores and libraries:)

doors to the squat in amsterdam

u naszego gospodarza w mulheim:)

o boze, w mulheim było oczywiście cudowanie1 kujoństwo, czytanie i pyszności słodkości

zinefest crew by steve

..i w realu -dwie trzecie przynajmniej;)

berrrrrrrrrrlin jest ładny i zawsze jest w nim więcej słońca niż w rydze....


a tu jeszcze powiew ósmomarcowy, śmieszne pani ze szwajcarskiego plakaciku sie ostały...:)
w ogóle miałam rozpisac konkurs na to kto jak najwiecej sławnych pań z plakaciku rozpozna...ktoś ma ochotę spróbować?:)
ofkors będą nagrody!:)

kwietniowe akcje!:)

2008 april 11-12th are days when people show their fighting for free
spaces and anticapitalistic culture, we are doing various actions and
activities in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is a tentative plan for these
•Movies about autonomic spaces and alternative societies. We are going to show:
„Table bed chair" – 30min documentary about squatters in Netherlands;
Sepp R. Brudermann „5 ½ roof" – 84min documentary about 6 different
squats in London..