środa, marca 26, 2008

happy birthday wolfi!

this was a fast action.
stas came back from warsaw and he told me about meeting with aga and that she had my prevoius feminist calendar, from march 07 till march 08. and that it's finishing now. and that it's time for the next one.
so i thought-why not?
especially as i was stuck at home by small lazyness and snow storms outside... so instead of hiding in blankets, i made the calendar!
say "thanx" to aga and enjoy the next year!

please print and have fun!
all pages have number in right down side
you only have to cut the long line in the middle
and-print both sides
it may be a bit difficult, but you manage
ofcourse print 4-1 with 1-4 and 2-3 with 3-2 :)
good luck!

pink winer

2 komentarze:

washyourhairbeforeyoudie pisze...

danke szyjn fur kalendarzyk piękny jest. jaka aga? co za plotkary.heh

maka pisze...

fajny kalendarz:)

Wielkie dzieki za mile slowa, super bylo by napisac cos co ukaze sie na papierze wiec jesli tylko masz jakiekolwiek zapotrzebowanie tego rodzaju koniecznie daj znac:) Pozdrawiam!