środa, sierpnia 30, 2006

for a friend!

thank you that you came although i didnt want you to..., that you talked so much, that we moved this bed, that you left some energy in this room, i am able now to finish this strange drawing and even publish this one about polish family
thank you that you are here

because of this rain, darknes, cold and that i have to learn
i feel like it was winter

polish family in 4th reiss

yes. this is hardcore

poniedziałek, sierpnia 28, 2006

zagubiony obrazek z lausanny

instead of digital camera pictures...

welcome in my drawn diary from travel. i just finished skanning and repairing;) drawings i made for mast 5 weeks. it is just 1/4 of all stuff, but well, i cant show you all because
a)you would be bored
b) i wouldnt have anything left to put into zines
c) you would hate me :)
anyway, lets start
the one above is from fluff fest. the tshirt's band was a suggestion from szymon...:)

do i know this boy?

the nice rocker from dresden?
or just my brain makes jokes of me...?:)

and this nice girl?

she finished on a mail box in barcelona
someone asked me if i dont like drawing legs... i don't know ;)

with a phrase from monumental...
in barcelona already, where we was kind of addicted to computer
but more to nice people we could communicate
with by it

where was it????
i think in bilbao, just before leaving
there was a good atmosphere so
i draw nice things

i put it to show you that i am not so perfect as you may xpect ;)

so at night in barcelona we once went to swim in the sea
and it was one of the best things we did there.
the sea was soo scary and the storm was somewhere near...

nest day we watched los perdidos hehehe

new copy book and first monsters
in basque country already

i am very professional artist ;)

and i always have a small notes to draw.
this one if from it. blue pages rule..

...that i draw a comic :)

cyrograph from berlin

icc berlin wawa... after so crazy trips we deserved luxus hahaha
apart from that-good advise!

too much txusan's and dehumanization movemebt' influence :)

for gosia, my best travel mate

honestly i thought i would have more to write,
but maybe thats even better
because i wont repeat myself
while writing "dislove",
which will be out as soon as we get used to warsaw
move our lazy asses
theres nothing more to add

sobota, sierpnia 26, 2006

homesick girl is back home finally

all pictures by alberto, thank you that you made them!!! so finally, after crazy time and crazy trips we are back home... two copubooks wait to be skanned, some things are mierda, some are worth publishing... good to be home. i wanna make a zine, not learn to my stupid exam!!! anyway, i wont write more, cause i am tired and may write bullshit, wait for the drawings kids!

poniedziałek, sierpnia 21, 2006

they stole my camera.
all memories from bcn written on a paper, cause they fill up my head...
fuck and sad

poniedziałek, sierpnia 14, 2006

barcelona-bilbao:13 hours, new world record!!!

really? a post without drawing?
really, because on this shitty comp in internet cafe in barakaldo you can not download pictures
i wanted to put this picture
and i just fund more by him here!!!-->
it is a drawing of the guy who made also this red comic about berta i was writing about before
he is really underground, no pictures otr drawings by him in the internet hehehe
anyway, i am in a search for his stuff
bizkaia is trully beautiful., good to be here, like in lord of the rings country...
mountains mountains mountains
and totally nice and helpfull people. how great, after not so nice barcelona´s people...

czwartek, sierpnia 10, 2006


ok so i am a kitchy tourist who while leaving barcelona had to go and say goodbye to sagrada familia ;) i totally regret that i was such a scroudge who didnt want to pay 8 euro for going inside... and now i saw some pics in the internet and fuck, it was really worth it... but i will have a reason to come back at least. other one is a kitchy fountain that sings queen´s songs and has many crazy lights and stuff... we wanted to see that with gosia and daria but we came to late... and then we went to this great squat near beautiful hospital, and met lots of cool people, like one crazy biker and old friend from last holidays, but then again had to leave to get the key to our flat... fuck! the best fun starts when we´re leaving ;) but i am sure we will enjoy bilbao as well, or even more. well, they are witing for us already :)

sobota, sierpnia 05, 2006


so we got to freaks finally which is a 3 parts shop with comic, artbooks and movies. awesome. so many stuff and so various and really i could take half of the shop with me.the one above was the best and first i saw, unfortunatelly in spanish, but some parts i understand and its a challenge! ove stories ofcaurse, and as you can giess from the title - with not the best ending...
this one is also in spanish but for kids, so easy to understand. a sotry of a small girl in a castle while storm. and dad doesnt take care of her well....;)
ah, this one is great, especially the firts story, about zinesters falling in love, mmmmm...

this one is less exciting but still is good. it is about a boy who goes for dates with ex girlfriends and can not decide which to choose. it is drawn in funny way, i like it but after half i got borred with all stories , or maybe i should say, one and the same story all the time;)

and this is what i did after reading it all, really i am not satisfied, i was hoping for inspiration and what??? crap!!! and boredom all around...
it is so strange outside, like about to rain but nothing happens and low preassure and melting from boredom....blahhhhhhhhhh....

czwartek, sierpnia 03, 2006

mudanza en mi corazon en bcn...

welcome in spain, the country of almandrina,
palms, macho´s and good dumsters!!!
we are having a good time here and we are really
stuck to computer, but at least we can share some
elements of our current life. like almandrina image...
whenever wherever you see it- buy it!!!
it is worth every money. mazepani tells you that!!!

ok. so after a lot of mess in my head i gues i can say that i do have a boyfriend. i realised yesterday that i dont have such a huge problem with saying that anymore and i even miss that arschloch... so this was a real break through in my life, took my half a year to understand it....

...but still i am afraid a bit will it be ok, wont i hurt anymone, wont i mess anymore and stuff... so much responsibility... but i will try, i promise...

but as you see i am tought haha

wtorek, sierpnia 01, 2006

ok, this is cheap but...

ok, this is not my art haha, not even my photo, but in general gaudi rulez!!! we are in bcn and till now one of the most exciting things was seeing his sculptures and houses! awesome! apart from that there is a lot of cool street art here, and pictures of it i will for sure put to this blog as well... when i come back from my travel:)
anyway, we spend whole days walking around and getting excited from the arhitecture. we also swim a lot wherever we can and draw. well, i draw like crazy and gosia had to stop herself cause her finger hurts. my toe hurts too. i hit myself in park guell. shit, how it sounds, i went for an everyday walk in park guell and hurt my toe. hahaha!
and tomorrow more quiet beach and probably demudanza with miquel:) and drawing:)