poniedziałek, sierpnia 28, 2006

instead of digital camera pictures...

welcome in my drawn diary from travel. i just finished skanning and repairing;) drawings i made for mast 5 weeks. it is just 1/4 of all stuff, but well, i cant show you all because
a)you would be bored
b) i wouldnt have anything left to put into zines
c) you would hate me :)
anyway, lets start
the one above is from fluff fest. the tshirt's band was a suggestion from szymon...:)

do i know this boy?

the nice rocker from dresden?
or just my brain makes jokes of me...?:)

and this nice girl?

she finished on a mail box in barcelona
someone asked me if i dont like drawing legs... i don't know ;)

with a phrase from monumental...
in barcelona already, where we was kind of addicted to computer
but more to nice people we could communicate
with by it

where was it????
i think in bilbao, just before leaving
there was a good atmosphere so
i draw nice things

i put it to show you that i am not so perfect as you may xpect ;)

so at night in barcelona we once went to swim in the sea
and it was one of the best things we did there.
the sea was soo scary and the storm was somewhere near...

nest day we watched los perdidos hehehe

new copy book and first monsters
in basque country already

i am very professional artist ;)

and i always have a small notes to draw.
this one if from it. blue pages rule..

...that i draw a comic :)

cyrograph from berlin

icc berlin wawa... after so crazy trips we deserved luxus hahaha
apart from that-good advise!

too much txusan's and dehumanization movemebt' influence :)

for gosia, my best travel mate

honestly i thought i would have more to write,
but maybe thats even better
because i wont repeat myself
while writing "dislove",
which will be out as soon as we get used to warsaw
move our lazy asses
theres nothing more to add

6 komentarzy:

bordeauxxx pisze...

natka, wiem ze ty tu zajrzysz i dziekuje ci za to

la lucha pisze...

wzruszylam sie nawet delikatnie ogladajc i czytajac twoje podpisy pod rysukami ktore, widzialam tyle razy ale wcale mi sie nie znudzily a wrecz odnalazlam pare nowych szczegolow, to byly wakacje totalne na swoj sposob bardziej nawet niz rok temu, love krove as always:)

jali pisze...

very interesting .
your drawings are very ,very expresive
i like them

pepperpirate pisze...

zajebiste! szczegolnie jeden z ostatnich z rowerem i zoltym kaskiem, i "one.day.it.will.happen". genialny poziom, a narysowane w zupelnie innym stylu. full respect!!!
zawsze ci kibicowalem z rysowaniem, ale teraz zaczynasz przeginac ;)
tylko mam nadzieje ze bedziesz sie do nas odzywac na ulicy jak juz bedziesz slawna ;)))
i pokazesz wiecej z tego komiksu.

Wolfi pisze...

Wow there is so many new stuff that i dont know which of it is the best. Really espacially the last stuff from the ICC is really good.
zajebista !!!

Anonimowy pisze...

zagladam regularnie bo chlone to wszystko co Ci wychodzi spod olowkow dlugopisow cienkopisow i pior.jestem Twoja zadeklarowana fanka:o) icc berlin wawa,bang bang i one day.. rewelka.moze dlatego ze mam jakies skojarzenia?
jeju Ty niemozliwa jestes.cudnie.
wczoraj wrzucilam te moje slowotoki do skrzynki,dojdzie na dniach.kiss.