poniedziałek, sierpnia 14, 2006

barcelona-bilbao:13 hours, new world record!!!

really? a post without drawing?
really, because on this shitty comp in internet cafe in barakaldo you can not download pictures
i wanted to put this picture
and i just fund more by him here!!!-->
it is a drawing of the guy who made also this red comic about berta i was writing about before
he is really underground, no pictures otr drawings by him in the internet hehehe
anyway, i am in a search for his stuff
bizkaia is trully beautiful., good to be here, like in lord of the rings country...
mountains mountains mountains
and totally nice and helpfull people. how great, after not so nice barcelona´s people...

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Anonimowy pisze...

to ja sciskam z gor tez,dojechalam na ten koniec swiata.trzymam kciuki za podrozowanie.buziak.

jali pisze...


sorry my poor engilsh.
thanks for your words in my web blog.

i am happy you enjoy with my comics.
i have more comics of el niño miope.
and of anothers characters.

well, i will visit yor blog frequently