czwartek, sierpnia 10, 2006


ok so i am a kitchy tourist who while leaving barcelona had to go and say goodbye to sagrada familia ;) i totally regret that i was such a scroudge who didnt want to pay 8 euro for going inside... and now i saw some pics in the internet and fuck, it was really worth it... but i will have a reason to come back at least. other one is a kitchy fountain that sings queen´s songs and has many crazy lights and stuff... we wanted to see that with gosia and daria but we came to late... and then we went to this great squat near beautiful hospital, and met lots of cool people, like one crazy biker and old friend from last holidays, but then again had to leave to get the key to our flat... fuck! the best fun starts when we´re leaving ;) but i am sure we will enjoy bilbao as well, or even more. well, they are witing for us already :)

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