czwartek, sierpnia 03, 2006

mudanza en mi corazon en bcn...

welcome in spain, the country of almandrina,
palms, macho´s and good dumsters!!!
we are having a good time here and we are really
stuck to computer, but at least we can share some
elements of our current life. like almandrina image...
whenever wherever you see it- buy it!!!
it is worth every money. mazepani tells you that!!!

ok. so after a lot of mess in my head i gues i can say that i do have a boyfriend. i realised yesterday that i dont have such a huge problem with saying that anymore and i even miss that arschloch... so this was a real break through in my life, took my half a year to understand it....

...but still i am afraid a bit will it be ok, wont i hurt anymone, wont i mess anymore and stuff... so much responsibility... but i will try, i promise...

but as you see i am tought haha

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I dont know what to write. The pictures are awesome. Almondrina forever!! I want to have it too... wehehe
Made vegan Tahina-banana-SoyMilk-IceCreamToday. Made me remember good times in smolna kitchen.

Anonimowy pisze...

bosko,ze tez ja sie tam nie zalapalam na takie cuda tylko objadalam oliwkami.a lawce od gaudiego mozna robic milion zdjec i odszukac cala zastawe obiadowa potluczona w drobny mak,a wszystkie domki wygladaja jak z bajki ot co.buziak.mnostwo dobrego.