poniedziałek, maja 05, 2008

a lot a lot a lot

bardzo bardzo dużo sie nazbierało, a lenistwo ma to do siebie ze potem trzeba sie narobic, takze nadrabiam duuuuzoooo zaległosci, polsko-lotewsko-litewsko-holendersko-niemieckich, fajnych dni szalonych, zbyt szalonych wrecz czasem, jeszcze dziecko do konca nie odpoczelo...
for the beginning, of this small back to the past trip, some really old stuff....
some people have nice tattoos:)

draka ikata from riga, pic by klab.lv

vegan mielonka! or just soy-beetroot bread spread...

cementaries in riga, covered with blue flowers, amazing colorful carpets on death

so wolfi came at the end of april and one of first thing we did was a visit in the museum of medicine, pretty impressive and scary... (take a look ar small screen in this mankin's chest...)

crazy gig in infokaste-pic by klab.lv

after watching pompous movie by wajda
on a special ambasador's screening
we baked this amazing cake at brivibas with r & a

on a way to maskaczka, maj nejbahud

wolfi making pics....

....and again....

real nature!

relax in ednica

and just after that really strange critical mass in riga on last friday of the month...
actually the cars and police and people were blocking us
more then we did, but still in was quite nice...

crazy tirgus on gogola iela

latvian-russian-polish union
under black and red flag

we made it!!! first stuff by
RADYKALNA AKCJA LITERACKA- new small anarchist publishing!
more info soon!
we just released polish translation of wendy-o matik
and pattrice jones' stuff is almost ready:)

.....and here we have warsaw already, not in order but anyway,
here's great vietnameese restaurant on zbawiciela platz,
where we came in a group of 20 people,
just before some wedding party,
and we were served a lot of tofu :)

noc walpurgii fest, zimbabwe, foretell to nice time together later on...:)

and fart has second guitar:)

cykloza, we were too early for coffe but just on time for tofu-cheese- cake:)

nice by lady d :)

and this was one of biggest suprises in warsaw.
first i met a girl on a demo who had a patch with my drawing,
and then i saw another patch in some german distro

last evening of crazy time in ex kablys
saturday evening celebrated by punx with sawdering workshop...
pretty impressive:)
as well as the place itself

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jakbym wiedziala, ze w netka wrzucisz, to bym miesnia napiela;)

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kochana, moim zdaniem jest calkiem niezly :)