niedziela, maja 11, 2008

lithuania considers banning abortion

Yet things seem to be getting out of control. Not only they consider an
abortion ban, they already have prepared the whole new strategy for the
public family policy conception. The new policy is aimed at saving
traditional family with a bunch of traditional values.
Yeah, a traditional
pro-family policy. Traditional, in a sense of Roman Catholic traditional.
Under this new policy, a family is considered to be a union (=marriage)
between a man and a woman. The cases of single parents, divorced couples,
widows and widowers, the cases of grandparents' raising their
grandchildren and the cases of adoption etc are not discussed, therefore
not traditional. That automatically is an incomplete family. The new
policy places a man and woman in their traditional roles, suggesting to
refuse any of the unnatural contraception methods (because the pill kills
babies and the condom is no good either, huh?). By doing this, they claim
to be supporting families, solving demographic issues and helping parents
to raise the babies, but in the mean time they totally ignore, dare I say,
humiliate a big part of the society. Giving the privileges to a mother
only because she is a married Mrs, while a single mother, a divorced
mother (or a father for what matters), working and raising a child alone,
won't be getting the same subsidies.

Of course, the Roman Catholic Church is more than supportive. According to
the article I read, the the Roman Catholic Church applauds the new policy
and sees it as the first EU country going to the right direction and
saving the conception of traditional family.

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