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litwa nadal

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generalnie okazuje sie ze żadna konkretna ustawa nie została jeszcze przegłosowana
ALE jest gorąco i warto mieć rączkę na plusie.... <--------------- span="">

filmik z demo i smutny update...

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From: elena
Date: 2008/5/20
Subject: Re: [anarchafeministeurope] Fwd: Family in Lithuania
discriminated-urge for action
To: anarchafeministeurope

i was writing about it earlier, but didnt get much attention.. it's really
sad... parlament have already accepet this new family politics. 69 voted
for it, and only 9 member of parliament voted against.
second step will be banning abortion

> Dear colleagues!
> Families are under attack in Lithuania, and we need your help!
> May 20, 2008, Vilnius
> The Lithuanian Parliament is currently weighing an unprecedented bill that
> would legally redefine the concept of family and that would establish a
> government-sanctioned concept of family limited exclusively to the
> traditional notion of a married man and woman and their children. With the
> stroke of a pen, this new concept of the Lithuanian family would relegate
> other family forms-single mothers and fathers raising children, unmarried
> partners raising children, and grandparents caring for their
> grandchildren-to second-class status.
> Demographic analysis demonstrates that the structure of the Lithuanian
> family is changing. In 2005, almost a third of all children were born to
> unmarried parents living as partners. The same year, the number of
> divorces
> per 100 marriages hit 56. This is evidence of the growing number of single
> parents, who in 98 percent of cases are women. Until recently, high
> unemployment in Lithuania also encouraged migration, and half of all
> workers
> who emigrated in 2005 were married men or women. As a result a new family
> structure-the long-distance family-emerged. A poll conducted in 2006
> showed
> that all these different family forms are considered as families by a
> majority of Lithuanians. However, the new concept of family would have
> practical implications, as it could ostensibly be used to prevent
> nontraditional families from receiving the same level of government
> assistance and from benefiting from government programs meant to support
> and
> strengthen the family.
> This bill, the first of its kind in Europe, has been applauded as a
> breakthrough by the Catholic Church and conservative politicians. While
> today this situation is confined to Lithuania, it could only be a matter
> of
> time before other European countries become receptive to such
> simple-minded
> and seemingly harmless, yet erroneous and discriminatory, attempts to
> destroy families under the guise of strengthening them.
> The situation is critical, and domestic groups are increasingly being
> sidelined from the discussion. Therefore, we ask you today to urgently
> communicate with Lithuanian government and Parliament officials to express
> your concern about the State Family Political Concept bill currently under
> debate in the Parliament and to remind the government of its
> commitment-made
> domestically and internationally-to protect women, children and families
> in
> all forms.
> Attached we suggest some language for your letter. Please feel free to
> incorporate any of these paragraphs or your own thoughts in your message
> and
> send letters to:
> . Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Ceslovas Jursenas
> ADDRESS: Ceslovas.Jursenas@lrs.lt
> . Rima Baskiene, Chair of the Commission of Family affairs and child,
> ADDRESS: rima.baskiene@lrs.lt
> . Valdas Adamkus, President of Lithuania
> ADDRESS: ramunas.vilpisauskas@prezidentas.lt
> . Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas
> ADDRESS: mp.sekretore@lrvk.lt
> We would also appreciate if you send a copy of your letter to the address
> of
> New Generation of Women's Initiatives info@nkmi.lt
> Rasa Erentaite
> Project Director
> On behalf of New Generation of Women's Initiatives, Subaciaus 16-2,
> LT-01126, Vilnius, Lithuania, tel. +37052791854

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