poniedziałek, listopada 19, 2007

good things

....so today my girls and boys we start with 3 short latvian animations for children
take a comfy seat and enjoy
pay attention to the rabbit and think of the possible connections between mr. drawe and dali's paintings ans well as why on earth has he red face?
this is something really special, cause kalnins is a very known latvian composer and caklis is a good poet from where i am not (no, not from kopmitne;)))
anyway, have fun

andrzej, you may be proud
but also good mood and banana on my face bring me back to drawing:)

small punk souvenir from estonia
this is not fake!!!

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andrzej pisze...

pewnie ze jestem proud!:)
w koncu pochowalas lenia i git!
czekam na wiecej:)