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from ugne, about lithuania again...

Yesterday the Parlament of Lithuania agreed with corrections of Equal rights law.

Earlier the law forbade to discriminate people because of the "age, sexual orientation, social status, disabilities, race or ethnicy, religion, beliefes", now it has been shortened and sounds: "gender, race, nationality, origin, social status, religion, beliefs".

So this change legalises homophobia and discrimination because of disabilities and/or age.

Really bad and sad things are happening here.

Spread the message, everyone should know!!!

P.S. few days ago the family concept was accepted (now family is only married people with childrien, other variations can not be characterized as families) and the project for aborton ban law was accepted too.

22:50 - Do you still think you know what the family is?
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The Lithuanian Parliament has accepted an unprecedented bill that legally redefines the concept of family and that establishes a government-sanctioned concept of family limited exclusively to the traditional notion of a married man and woman and their children.

With the stroke of a pen, this new concept of the Lithuanian family relegated other family forms - single mothers and fathers raising children, unmarried partners raising children, and grandparents caring for their grandchildren - to second-class status.

Demographic analysis demonstrates that the structure of the Lithuanian family is changing. In 2005, almost a third of all children were born to unmarried parents living as partners. The same year, the number of divorces per 100 marriages hit 56. This is evidence of the growing number of single parents, who in 98 percent of cases are women. Until recently, high unemployment in Lithuania also encouraged migration, and half of all orkers who emigrated in 2005 were married men or women. As a result a new family structure-the long-distance family-emerged. A poll conducted in 2006 showed that all these different family forms are considered as families by a majority of Lithuanians. However, the new concept of family has practical implications, it could ostensibly be used to prevent nontraditional families from receiving the same level of government assistance and from benefiting from government programs meant to support and strengthen the family.

This bill, the first of its kind in Europe, has been applauded as a breakthrough by the Catholic Church and conservative politicians. While today this situation is confined to Lithuania, it could only be a matter of time before other European countries become receptive to such simple-minded and seemingly harmless, yet erroneous and discriminatory, attempts to destroy families under the guise of strengthening them.

So do you still think that your family is "real" family?..

Moreover, the Lithuanian Parliament, under intense pressure from the Catholic church, is considering an abortion ban.

Womens rights activists, local feminists and 110 members of the European Parliament have signed a letter to the Lithuanian Parliament appealing to MPs to reject the proposed legislation, yet it's hasn't been effective and there's a serious threat for women and the whole society. As you might know, abortions currently are illegal in three countries of the European Union (Malta, Ireland and Poland). As the example of Poland shows, women are forced to go to other countries of EU, while low income women are simply left with no choice.

Spread the message - everyone should know what horrible things are happening in Lithuania.

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If the government will accept abortion ban, so we'll have weird thing, something like: "Give birth to a child, but we don't care about you, if you don't have a "real" family"

Fuck it.

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