poniedziałek, września 18, 2006

gotowanie na ekranie:)

kasia miller said, that when you feel that black hole of depression catches you, try to make something. for example soup. it is your succes when you make soup yourself!
so since i cant wait for school and cant organise myself the time- i cook like crazy

i can't draw now but cooking is also art:P

apples and plums... not jam, nout mousse but awesome!

zucchini, zucchini, zucchini

the crew pic-from left: tomatoes, mushrooms, apricot jam

and everything started thanx to this lady who took me to the countryside

and in 80 years old baking place we baked a cake!!! whoa! it was awesome!

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matti pisze...

koooocham zdjecie Gosi z grzybem! ;) do zo dzis na squacie :-*