poniedziałek, września 04, 2006


so today i saw the video of doda. for those who dont know her, she is a polish version of victoria beckham, but continues her music career (singing in kitchy band called virgin) and is hell more controversial- in a very primitive way of course but this is very polish style at the same time... so the song goes like this "don't worry, smile, i sot so bad, there are problems, but you are healthy to solve them..." (for those who speak polish : http://tekstpiosenki.emuzyka.pl/8289/56.html). and the video is partly shot in a surgery room, they bring her on the surgery table, only in sexy underwear, close ups for pierced belly button, and they are trying to save her, check her x-ray photos, they cut her, make her sleep... and then there is this crazy chorus when she feels fine already, is dancing on the beach with lots of happy almost naked and "extremly sexy" young people... and then again she is dying there and then again dancing, and she sings " i got my chance and you will get it too" and at the end they weake her up and tell her that the operation was succesfull...
honestly, it is amazing. i was sitting in front of the tv and i couldnt believe... things like this happen only in poland!!!
other crazy thing from today is roman, minister of education. there was a nice street p[arty against him today with lots of reggae kids jumping to the music. cool
my comment is...:
flower is for daria:)

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