środa, listopada 08, 2006

holidays in bcn in beggining of november is a totally good idea:)

cementaries in spain, like a huge wardrobes with bodies and little exhibitions of love and memory outside, it is amazing
but here i was even more amazed, or rather shocked... the mashine here sells flowers, like the ones that sell cola and milkbars at the street opr metro...crazy!

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Wolfi pisze...

NiceToSeeYouPicturesInHere.It LooksLikeAGoodTimeButWithRatherCold Weather?WhyTheHoody?ButTheFlower MachineIsCrazyIndeed.

natali pisze...

a ja na poczatek novembera dostalam 40cm sniegu.slabo strasznie w porownaniu do morza nawet kiedy pochmurno.kis lov